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LAST GIRL GHOSTED by Lisa Unger Kirkus Star


by Lisa Unger

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-778-31104-1
Publisher: Park Row Books

A psychological thriller spins a dark tale of hidden identities and buried pasts.

Wren Greenwood is skeptical about looking for love, or even for a hookup, online. But one of her best friends, vivacious Jax, presses her. At 28, Wren is totally focused on her job writing and podcasting an advice column called “Dear Birdie.” She’s so intent on helping her audience with their personal lives she barely has one of her own. So Wren signs up for a Tinder-like service called Torch, and there he is. Adam Harper, broodingly attractive, enigmatic—and quoting Rilke in his profile. Rilke fan Wren falls for him as soon as they meet, and for a few months it’s bliss. Then he vanishes. She’s hurt and bewildered—and then she’s frightened, as what she thought she knew about his identity seems to be an opaque mask. But why is she getting strange texts from unknown numbers, catching glimpses of a tall figure watching her from a distance? Then a private detective named Bailey Kirk starts asking questions about another woman who connected online with a man who looks like Adam—a woman who has disappeared. Unger crafts Wren’s first-person narration skillfully, creating an engaging, witty character and drawing the reader into her life and only slowly revealing that she has secrets of her own. Almost no one in this thriller is who they appear to be. Unger always ratchets up the tension, and the revelations, in her final chapters. But in this book, she spins like Simone Biles—and sticks the landing.

A young woman’s foray into online dating becomes a heartbreak—and then a deadly nightmare.