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Meg Nocero, a magical manifester, is a former federal prosecutor, an immigration attorney, an inspirational speaker, a transformational coach, and the award-winning author of The Magical Guide to Bliss: Daily Keys to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit & Inner Bliss and Sparkle & Shine: 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.s to Brighten Your Day and Lighten Your Way. After she was brought on stage in Miami with Oprah Winfrey in 2014, she was inspired to manifest the life of her dreams and founded Butterflies & Bliss LLC and S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc., a nonprofit that provides educational scholarships to young innovative leaders in her community. She holds a BA in Spanish from Boston College, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Miami, a JD from St. Thomas University School of Law, and a Happiness Certificate with the Happiness Studies Academy. She is also a Certified Federal Law Enforcement Instructor/Mentor and a Love Button Global Movement Ambassador. In addition to being named Miz CEO Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019, Nocero appeared on CNN Español with Ismael Cala and hosts her own YouTube channel and a podcast called Manifesting with Meg: Conversations with Extraordinary People. She delivered her first TEDx in Indianapolis entitled Wake Up! How to Create a Better Story for a Happier Village!

Kirkus Reviews praised The Magical Guide to Bliss as “a successful, progressive daily handbook about awareness, creativity, gratitude, and fulfillment.” Kirkus reviewed said Sparkle & Shine is a go-to because "with a raging pandemic, it seems like a good time to develop optimism and embrace self-care. Nocero delivers some positive ideas on where to begin. An upbeat but simplistic self-help guide." Her third book, Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief will be published by She Writes Press on September 7, 2021.



BY Meg Nocero • POSTED ON Oct. 21, 2020

A collection provides colorful affirmations designed to inspire self-confidence and optimism.

Nocero offers a playful approach to self-help with this manual, which she wrote as a supplement to her previous book, The Magical Guide to Bliss (2017). Her new work includes over 100 M.A.N.T.R.A.s, or “Magical Affirmations Now Transform our Reality into an Adventure.” In Section One, “Pay Attention,” maxims include “I am worthy of love,” and “I am happy, magical and magnificent me.” The author explores each idea in one or two pages, often with a rhyme and cadence that feel reminiscent of Dr. Seuss: “For when I declare I am enough, it is time for me to see. I am here to manifest in this life the most amazing me.” Nocero also includes etymological anecdotes, noting, for example, that enthusiasm is derived from entheos, which is a Greek root meaning “in God.” There are empowering quotes from feminist icons, such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Gloria Steinem, as well as personal notes from the author to readers, entitled “To my Butterflies,” signed “I Love You, Meg.” Nocero shares a variety of helpful suggestions in these pages, such as doing “a physical and spiritual cleaning” every six months and cultivating hope about the future. The prose is colloquial (“We’ve got this!”) and will easily speak to millennial and Gen Z readers. The author’s biggest strength is creating fun acronyms and providing new takes on old sayings, like “K.I.S.S.” or “Keep It Simple Sunshine.” Unfortunately, the bite-size pieces of wisdom can sometimes feel clichéd or even reductive. (One of the mantras is simply “All is well.”) But with a raging pandemic, it seems like a good time to develop optimism and embrace self-care. Nocero delivers some positive ideas on where to begin.

An upbeat but simplistic self-help guide.

Pub Date: Oct. 21, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-578-79002-2

Page count: 186pp

Publisher: Butteflies & Bliss, LLC

Review Posted Online: Dec. 16, 2020

The Magical Guide to Bliss Cover

The Magical Guide to Bliss

BY Meg Nocero • POSTED ON Oct. 8, 2015

In this debut self-improvement guide, Nocero provides short, easily digestible wisdom about positive thinking and daily creative practices.

Using a calendar-style, one-entry-per-day format, this book aims to help readers find gratitude by offering small, human reminders regarding inspiration, play, creativity, and imagination. If you’re an average, busy adult, this helpful work may serve as a tool to spice up your life a bit, reconnect with friends or loved ones, or use an imagination that’s sometimes dulled by the monotony of routine. For example, in one entry, Nocero reminds readers to “Remember to play” and notes that while children “live in the world of their imaginations,” adults must choose to re-energize their spirits with imaginative thinking. Playfulness, she suggests, is a way to remember the wonder of life. In another entry, she urges readers to maintain healthy friendships—to “water” them as one would plants. Other entries offer more poignant wisdom regarding awareness: “We live in a world where there is…a pervading belief that there is not enough of anything to go around.” But in reality, she says, “Love is abundant. Kindness is abundant. Success is abundant.” These thoughtful moments are sure to enrich readers’ days, offering ideas to consider and share with others. Along with each calendar entry is a helpful “Magical Key to Bliss”—a short mantra about patience, listening, taking risks, or living freely, such as, “Sow love, and reap a life of abundance!” Overall, this book could be a great resource for family gatherings, a springboard for dinner-table discussions, or a gift for a friend to help him or her connect each day to a positive idea.

A successful, progressive daily handbook about awareness, creativity, gratitude, and fulfillment.  

Pub Date: Oct. 8, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-5061-8368-8

Page count: 460pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: Dec. 23, 2015

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. 15, 2016



BY Meg Nocero

A woman recounts pulling herself out of a deep despondency after her mother’s death in this memoir about spiritual recuperation.

Nocero, an inspirational speaker and host of the podcast and YouTube show Manifesting With Meg: Conversations With Extraordinary People, revisits her emotional trauma following her mother Mary Jo’s death from cancer in 2011. Although the author had a consoling vision of a blazing lighthouse—with her mother’s disembodied voice calling “Let me go!”—the loss precipitated a downward spiral. Nocero felt angry, depressed, and lethargic; experienced marital tension at home and trouble at her job as an immigration prosecutor; had panic attacks; and contracted severe tinnitus. She battled back with various therapeutic modalities, including counseling, acupuncture, detox regimens, yoga, Zumba, neuro-emotional technique, Psych-K, and Rolfing. Returning to her Roman Catholic roots, she prayed and received Communion, which sparked “a magical rush of energy.” She “asked the universe to meet Oprah in person” and was miraculously rewarded with an onstage encounter. Nocero’s most sustained transformative effort was to become a writer, which led to her meeting famous authors like Elizabeth Gilbert and publishing her book The Magical Guide to Bliss (2015). Concluding chapters follow Nocero’s pilgrimage to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where she basked in the sacred landscape and reconnected with Mary Jo’s memory. The author’s limpid prose invests ordinary travails with an intense emotional charge that is often affecting—“When I finally stopped crying, I curled up on the carpet in a fetal position with my dogs, Leo and Giorgio, by my side and fell asleep,” she recalls of a rough patch during Mary Jo’s decline—but occasionally overdone. (“I noticed that the zipper on the suitcase with my clothes was clearly defective. ‘Oh no!’ I gasped.”) She can seem self-involved at times—“Letting go of the butterfly, I released the pain I carried over the last forty-eight years: from being bullied as a child, never fitting in, the disappointments at my job and career, the sadness of losing my mom, grieving the loss, never feeling I’m enough, shame and my failures, and the physical pain I encountered in body and soul.” But her struggles are universal ones that will resonate with many readers.

A heartfelt, moving, sometimes-overwrought account of bereavement and rejuvenation.

Pub Date:

ISBN: 978-1-64-742175-5

Page count: 312pp

Publisher: She Writes Press

Review Posted Online: July 7, 2021

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Aug. 15, 2021

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SPARKLE & SHINE: 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.S TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY AND LIGHTEN YOUR WAY: Quarter-finalist Book Life Prize 2021, 2021

SPARKLE & SHINE: 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.S TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY AND LIGHTEN YOUR WAY: Next Generation Indie Book Awards-Finalist in the Motivational Non-Fiction Category , 2021