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POTTY TIME! by Caroline Jayne Church


by Caroline Jayne Church & illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

Pub Date: May 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-545-35080-8
Publisher: Cartwheel/Scholastic

A toddler shares his glee at leaving diapers behind.

The book is completely child-focused, without an adult in sight. This youngster's independence influences each aspect of his toileting; he takes himself to the pot, and he uses a step stool to reach the sink to wash his hands after. There's no indication that any accidents may occur. The boy boasts, “When it's time, I know.” Brisk, rhyming phrases miss the mark. “Everyone uses the potty, / like me and Daddy and Mommy. / It's potty time, hooray! / I'm a big kid today.” With a little button nose and short spiky hair, the Caucasian tot is appealing. His favorite teddy bear plays the role of a loyal companion and even sits on his own potty just like the child. A die-cut–framed, battery-operated button (“flush me!”) triggers sound effects. Adults looking for a straightforward celebration of this milestone will gravitate toward this short selection, but there's no hint of the inevitable missteps young children face during the process.

Though its single-minded focus on success offers positive role modeling, it needs to be used with other, more realistic titles (and lots of patience).

(Board book. 2-3)