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From the Dragon Rider series, volume 2

by Cornelia Funke ; illustrated by Cornelia Funke ; translated by Anthea Bell

Pub Date: July 31st, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-338-21553-3
Publisher: Chicken House/Scholastic

In this sequel to Dragon Rider (2004), Ben, the protagonist of Book 1, teams up with friends to try to procure a sun feather from that most dangerous of fabulous creatures, the griffin.

Now 14, Ben lives in Norway with his adoptive family: Vita, Barnabas, and Guinevere Greenbloom. There, with help from other conservation-minded friends, they run a refuge for beings of fable and myth. While happy in his new life, Ben nonetheless deeply misses Firedrake, the dragon he befriended in Book 1, who now lives safely in the Himalayas. When the Greenblooms learn the distressing news that the eggs containing the foals of the last Pegasus are in danger, they determine to try to save them by attempting to procure a sun feather from the vicious (and dragon-hating) griffins. Hoping to keep Firedrake safely out of it, Ben lies to him about the mission’s real purpose as he, Barnabas, homunculus Twigleg, aviator-rat Lola Graytail, and troll Hothbrodd set out on their dangerous journey. This effort, is, of course, unsuccessful, nicely amping the peril. Author/illustrator Funke’s tale abounds with adventure and is infused with a strong environmental conservation message. By populating her narrative with both real and mythical creatures, she encourages readers to regard flesh-and-blood species with equal awe.The book assumes a white default.

A richly imagined, adeptly illustrated adventure with a strong message of respect for all species of creatures.

(map, cast of characters) (Fantasy. 9-14)