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by Salina Yoon & illustrated by Salina Yoon

Pub Date: April 3rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-316-18641-4
Publisher: LB Kids/Little, Brown

Gorgeous patterns peel away layers of color and depth within this kaleidoscope.

A die-cut circle frames the center of the device, and each turn of the page adds a different, textured nuance with scallops and points. Viewing the shapes and colors with the textured lens embedded in the cover causes them to emulate the effect of a real kaleidoscope. The text takes readers through the seasons, turn by turn, as leaves drop, rain falls, and snowflakes drift to the ground. The typography swirls and swoops, contributing to the feeling of movement both visually and linguistically. “Steeping, steaming, / lemon squeezing. / Tipping, pouring, / soothing, pleasing.” The words mimic the movements of the steam, floating up from the cup. Bold backgrounds extend from one side of the scene to the next. Mechanically, the manipulation of the embedded lens is a challenge, the wheel requiring more coordination than the toddler set can provide. Due to the small parts included, the warning label discourages children younger than 3 from independently poring over these pages.

Dazzling designs and the dexterity required gears these bright glimpses toward preschoolers rather than toddlers.

(Board book. 3-4)